Our Team

Stephanie Watt (she/her), Codirector

Watt is an urban geographer and advocate of children's rights and play. In 2017, she was elected to the Montréal city council on a child-inclusive, equity-seeking platform. As a city councillor, she piloted groundbreaking mobility, park and play projects anchored in children's rights, such as Île aux volcans

Aligning her interests in cities and people, Watt initiated several participatory activities with children and youth to better understand their mobility, neighbourhood perceptions and use of public spaces. She also spearheaded the neighbourhood workshops Change ta ville; the woman-centric thought collective Dans la vi(ll)e; and Oust, a club for outdoor play in the city. She is pursuing her interests in shaping child-inclusive cities with Metalude.

Watt’s work is informed by her studies in geography, political science, playwork and public participation, and from her past work as an architecture educator and an urban studies editor.

Watt serves on the board of directors of Solon, a Montréal-based organization supporting citizen groups and neighbourhoods in their projects for a just, carbon-free society. She is also involved in the child-friendly city accreditation committee at Espace Muni. Until recently, she was an administrator of  International Play Association Canada.

Photo by Manoucheka Lachérie

Margaret Fraser (she/her), Codirector

Fraser's belief in the necessity of children's participation and play has led her to contribute to several child-, family- and play-centred organizations in her community. Most notably, in 2013 she founded The Lion and The Mouse where she developed innovative child-centred urban outdoor play programs. In her nearly 10 years as general director, she became immersed in both the theoretical and practical considerations for supporting children's right to the city.

Fraser then shifted her focus to adults, encouraging them to think critically about their vision of childhood through a lens of access and equity. She began this work as a trainer and presenter with The Lion and The Mouse, then as a facilitator with the Child Nature Alliance of Canada and now carries it forward in her work with Metalude. 

Fraser’s experience is informed by her education in community economic development, organizational development and critical disability studies.

Photo by Manoucheka Lachérie


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