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Metalude guides organizations in their work to design and facilitate child and youth engagement, while emphasizing ethics and authenticity. Through this collaborative process, we build organizational capacity and support the implementation of EDI principles, in particular by amplifying the voices of people under the age of 18, who account for 20% of the population. 

Metalude analyzes engagement data and writes reports and policy recommendations that build meaningful, actionable connections between children’s contributions and the organization’s processes, programs and policies.

Photo : Valérie Paquette

Photo: Sophie Bertrand


Metalude empowers adults to think critically about how they encourage children’s well-being through play. We help organizations develop and improve a diverse range of free play initiatives and spaces, from adventure playgrounds and day camps to municipal parks and school yards.

Whether you want to choose a site and play materials, to train and mentor staff, or to increase accessibility, our ten years of play planning and facilitation will provide you with the theory and experience you need to confidently let children lead.

Photo : Sophie Bertrand


Metalude helps develop transversal municipal policies that address the challenges and aspirations of 21st-century children, youth and families. Our consultants bring their first-hand experience working with and within municipalities to several stages of the process, including literature and policy review, public engagement, and policy and action plan writing and feedback. 

Combining best practices and the lived experiences of children and families, we help municipalities create the ideal child-inclusive and family-friendly policies for their community.

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Our Past Projects

Tell Me Your City

Our team collaborated with CMTL and Organisme Respire to consult children on the City of Montréal's new master plan.

We contributed our expertise in child engagement to ensure the participatory activities led to authentic data.

Once the consultations were complete, our team analyzed the data and wrote the report Raconte-moi ta ville. The report was then presented to the Office de consultation publique de Montréal during its public consultation leading up to the city's new urban and mobility plan.

July-October 2022


Pop-Up Play with LCSO

Metalude assisted Loisirs & Culture Sud-Ouest in the development and realization of a year-round pop-up adventure playground in Carré Hibernia in Montréal’s Sud-Ouest. 

Before the program began, our team helped select the site and materials, shared best practices for risk management, and trained the managers and play facilitators in play facilitation.

We subsequently observed the children and facilitators in action, providing the organization with concrete feedback to support their continued learning.

April-October 2022


Metropolis Through Children's Eyes

“What is a better future for your city?” When Metropolis asked children to draw their answers to this question, they never expected to receive nearly 1,200 submissions from 35 cities. They were left with a question of their own: What can we do with all of this data?

Enter Metalude. We created a schema that brought together the children's representations of urban life with Metropolis' existing municipal frameworks, allowing us to tag and enter each image into a custom, searchable database.

Our team then analyzed the trends and wrote a summary report, complete with relevant policy recommendations. This report was presented at the United Cities and Local Governments' congress in Daejeon.

February-June 2022



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